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Navigating The Dreaded Night Shift

My tips for navigating the dreaded night shift I love to cook! Its one of the things I love to spend time doing and putting effort into. I love to cook for large groups of people and one of my dreams is to one day have a kitchen and dining room/alfresco big enough to...
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Moving States – What I’ve learn after 6 months in Melbourne

Some of you may or may not know that a little over 6 months ago Kyle and I made the move to the beautiful Australian city of Melbourne. We are originally born and raised in Perth, Western Australia (for my international readers this is the opposite side of the country...
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My top beauty favourites for March

When I started this post I wanted to make it something more than just a blog about my experiences of been a Paramedics fiance`, I wanted to make it a little about that and a little about me with a pitch of love somewhere in between. So I thought it would be a good...
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Becoming first aid aware

If you follow me on snapchat (kaylastar11) you may have seen my recent installment about recently completing my applied first aid course. I decided to do this for 2 reasons. The first and main reason been that I am my office’s first aider so I need to do a course to...
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Why I support Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is a not for profit organisation established in late 2015 following the assault of Queensland Paramedic Brad Johnson in December 2015. The story made news headlines across the world and spread through the ambulance community across the world. Zero...
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Hi, I’m Kayla!

I’m your average, modern day working girl! I love shopping, cooking and all things beautiful. I’m always up for a dinner out or getting my nails done with a few girlfriends. I’m fortunate enough to live, work and play in the beautiful city of Melbourne, Australia. I have a particular interest in interior design but I’m probably not very handy at it. I’m a Pinterest nut (feel free to follow me @kaylastar11), snapchat addict (kaylastar11) and I’m always a little snap happy. I could have only decluttered something in the house but needless to say I have to take a photo for proof! I should also probably introduce some other member of my little family. My fluffy Burmese cross cat, Kuzko, is super friendly and a chatty (noisy) lorikeet called Zazu!

My fiancé, Kyle, is a Paramedic here in Melbourne. He’s probably one of the hardest working, compassionate and laid back people I know. He’s had over 5 year’s experience in Ambulance both emergency and non-emergency and 4 of which, we have been together. Needless to say we’ve been through a lot!

Although he will probably never admit to this, he started his career as volunteer in Western Australia before finally landing a job with a private ambulance firm. In late 2015 he got the opportunity to move his career to Melbourne in pursuit of bigger and better things. So without a thought of hesitation we uprooted our Perth life to move across the country. I am the biggest advocate of his career, he’s my biggest confidant and together we’re a team!

When I first started dating Kyle, I think it’s safe to say our honeymoon period was short lived. He was working as an ambo at the time consisting of night shifts and sleeping during the day as well as then going back to day shifts, it was full on! So there wasn’t a whole lot of time for the usual date nights, even these days they are few and far between. Many nights he would come and see me at home and he would download the day’s activities from shift, CRP’s on elderly people, major trauma from car accidents and lift assists for falls, some of these things I’d never even heard of let alone listening to some of the details of these cases.

Now, I consider myself to be a pretty mentally strong kind of person but listening to some of this even made me cringe. It got me thinking, I wanted to be the best person I could be for him and the best support I could. I had heard of several Paramedics, Police and Firefighters who had been married for decades so surely there had to be something available to read, a blog, articles or something!

Unfortunately I was left disappointed. I was staggered at the lack of information available to wives, partners and families of Emergency Responders. Sure there was the odd blog but nothing really about the tricks of the trade.
So alas, I developed Paramedic Wife Life, a blog about my experiences about been the partner/fiancé/wife of a Paramedic as well as aspects of my life I want to share – Beauty, Fashion, Home, Family and Travel.

I hope you enjoy it here and if you’re the wife, partner, husband or family of a responder then please get in touch!

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